9 American Myths: Urging for Immediate Truth Awareness

HR is perceived by some as prioritizing the company's long-term interests by making decisions in favor of employees solely to avoid lawsuits or negative consequences.

Human Resources Is  Your Protection

Teachers express concern about students' misguided aspirations for wealth and fame influenced by media programming.

The Illusion of Universal Wealth and Fame

Skepticism grows over politicians' concern for individuals and their promises, while surprising faith remains in the flawed "lesser-of-two-evils" system.

Politicians Care

The unfortunate reality is that hard work does not guarantee lifelong prosperity, challenging the common belief.

You’ll Get Rich By Working Hard

Challenging the notion that religious affiliation guarantees goodness, with a remark highlighting the reliance on a god for morality.

Religion Makes You a Good Person

Users debate diamonds' value, questioning their worth in industry and attributing perceived preciousness to De Beers, while acknowledging their intrinsic hardness.

That Diamonds Are Valuable

Forum debates food price increases, rejecting the notion that farmers are to blame and accusing companies of exploiting inflation for excessive profits.

Food Prices Are Up Because of Farmers

Forum debates the harmful impact of the outdated food pyramid and the prevalence of misguided beliefs despite the shift to MyPlate.

The Food Pyramid

Many people incorrectly treat the concept of right-brain vs. left-brain thinking as a strict dichotomy, but in reality, it's important to strive for a balance between both hemispheres.

Embracing the Coexistence of Logic and Emotion

Views on whether the government wants what's best for individuals vary, with some seeing it as a collective goal and others perceiving it as a bureaucratic system focused on stability.

That the Government Wants Best for You

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