9 Newborn Items You Don't Actually Need

Joel stice

1. Lots of Baby Outfits

In the beginning, you hardly need to buy baby clothes as your baby won't enjoy getting changed. Stick to mostly sleepsuits and onesies.

2. Bedding Accessories

Decorative bedding accessories may look good on social media, but for infants, it's safer and cost-effective to skip them.

3. Multiple Soothing Baby Chairs

You don't need to buy multiple plastic baby holders to calm your baby, according to Banks. Choose one or two from a swing, bouncer, rocker, or Pack N Play.

4. Bottle Bundles

Buying everything in advance for your baby's arrival may result in purchasing unnecessary items. It's better to wait and see what your baby prefers and needs.

5. Trendy Gadgets

Some items may seem useful, but aren't practical, like the wipe warmer. Instead, you can warm wipes by holding one between your hands for a bit, according to Joel Stice.

6. Bulky Furniture Pieces

There is an overwhelming amount of baby furniture available, and not all of it is necessary.

7. A Baby Tub

You don't need a baby bathtub as you can safely bathe your baby in the shower, bath, or kitchen sink. Bathing with your baby can also be a relaxing way to bond, but wait until their navel has healed.

8. All the Toys

Skip the mobile and limit the number of toys in your nursery, including stuffed animals that are often gifted

9. An Actual Diaper Bag

You can save money by reusing a roomy tote or backpack instead of buying a diaper bag that promises to keep you organized and functional, according to the author's personal experience.

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