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9 Obsolete Technologies Americans Still Use

Fax Machines

Despite the digital age, some businesses and individuals still rely on fax machines for sending and receiving documents.

Landline Telephones

With the prevalence of mobile phones, landline telephones are becoming increasingly outdated, but some households and businesses still maintain them.

VHS Tapes

While streaming and digital formats are popular, there are still people who hold onto their VHS tapes for nostalgic reasons or due to older technology.

Cassette Tapes

Although digital music dominates, some enthusiasts still use cassette tapes for their vintage appeal or as a form of self-expression.

CD Players

With the rise of streaming services, traditional CD players and physical CDs have become less common, but there are still those who prefer this method of music consumption.

Printed Maps

Despite GPS and navigation apps, some individuals and travelers continue to use printed maps for navigation.

Dial-Up Internet

While high-speed broadband is widespread, some rural areas or individuals with limited options still rely on dial-up internet connections.

CRT Televisions

Despite the prevalence of flat-screen TVs, some households continue to use bulky cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions.


Although largely replaced by smartphones, pagers are still utilized in certain industries where instant communication is crucial, such as healthcare.

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