9 popular foods that some find disgusting

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According to a Reddit user, grapefruit may look cute and appetizing but it's bitter and can interact with medications, leading many to suggest ways to make it more palatable, such as adding sugar or broiling it.


A Reddit user finds beets unappetizing due to a traumatic childhood experience of having dirt stuffed in their mouth, but another user suggests ways to enjoy their health benefits such as adding them to smoothies or baking them for a sweet taste.


A Reddit user who dislikes celery shared that they will pick it out in every instance except for soups, and others agreed that it is a disliked vegetable, even saying that peanut butter can't make it better.


According to a Reddit user, the smell and salty taste of ketchup make them feel nauseous, while another user added that they find ketchup awful and stinky.

Tonic Water

A Reddit user shared that they dislike tonic water as it tastes like disappointment, and many others agreed, saying that it's only enjoyable when mixed with gin.


According to Reddit users, olives in general are disliked by many due to their salty taste, with some comparing it to eating a spoonful of salt, and others pointing out that they do not like any type of olives.


Reddit users discussed how some individuals intensely dislike peas, with some attributing it to differences in how people taste food, while another mentioned enjoying split pea soup despite not liking peas and questioning if they are the same type of peas.

Sweet Potatoes

Some people doesn't like sweet potatoes, except for in sweet potato pancakes where the sweetness complements the flavor, and thinks sweet potato fries are disappointing despite their portrayal as a healthier alternative to regular fries.

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