9 Times DC Comics Copied Marvel Characters


DC Comics introduced Solomon Grundy in 1944, a zombie supervillain with a similar plight of losing control over his emotions and strength

Hulk Copied Solomon Grundy (Marvel)


Robin and Bucky Barnes had similar roles as young sidekicks in DC and Marvel, respectively, but while Bucky was killed off, DC embraced the gritty realism of putting young heroes like Robin in danger

Bucky Copied Robin (Marvel)


Before Thanos gained popularity as a comic book villain, DC Comics introduced Darkseid three years earlier, a powerful galactic leader and iron-fisted ruler of Apokolips known for invading planets.

Thanos Copied Darkseid (Marvel)


Superman's Brainiac and Avengers' Ultron are both formidable, sentient robots that share a similar pursuit for knowledge and control, with Brainiac debuting in comics a decade earlier than Ultron

Ultron Copied Brainiac (Marvel)


Flash, created in 1940, was the first speedy superhero, while Quicksilver, debuting in 1964, followed suit and gained fame in the X-Men and Avengers franchises

Quicksilver Copied Flash (Marvel)


DC introduced their own robot avenger, Red Tornado, just a few months before Marvel's Vision, but the timing is likely a coincidence influenced by popular trends around robots.

Vision Copied Red Tornado (Marvel)


Black Canary and Mockingbird are iconic heroines with distinct personalities and relationships in their respective DC and Marvel universes.

Mockingbird Copied Black Canary (Marvel)


Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate, two intellectual-turned-sorcerer comic book characters, share similar origin stories despite being from different universes.

Doctor Strange Copied Doctor Fate (Marvel)


DC beat Marvel to the stretch-man superhero concept with The Elongated Man, but while he was a friendly prankster, Mr. Fantastic's Reed Richards is a super-genius who does a lot more for his universe.

Mr. Fantastic Copied Elongated Man (Marvel)


Superman, the iconic and beloved DC character, debuted in 1938 as an alien protector with extraordinary powers, while Marvel introduced Sentry in 2000, a burly hero with similar Superman-like abilities

Sentry Copied Superman (Marvel)

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