9 'Titanic' Characters With Their Real Life Counterparts

Kathy Bates played socialite and activist Molly Brown in Titanic, who survived the sinking and became known as "The Unsinkable Molly Brown."

Margaret "Molly" Brown

Bernard Hill portrayed the Titanic's captain, Edward J. Smith, who went down with the ship and died during its sinking, with conflicting reports of how he perished.

Captain Edward J. Smith

Titanic's designer, Thomas Andrews, played by Victor Garber, sailed on the ship and perished onboard, last seen in the smoking room, with conflicting reports of his final actions.

Thomas Andrews

In Titanic, Joseph Bruce Ismay, portrayed by Jonathan Hyde, escaped the sinking ship and faced criticism for saving himself despite contradicting eyewitness reports that he helped others into lifeboats.

J. Bruce Ismay

Richard Graham portrayed Quartermaster George Rowe in Titanic, who survived by boarding a lifeboat with Ismay and was the last surviving quartermaster and deck crew member before he died in 1974.

Quartermaster George Rowe

Paul Brightwell played Robert Hichens in Titanic, who was the quartermaster at the wheel when it struck the iceberg, helmed lifeboat 6, and was criticized for his conduct in it, leading to alcoholism and loss of work.

Robert Hichens

Frederick Fleet spotted the iceberg, loaded lifeboat 6, briefly worked on the Olympic, but left due to the company's view of Titanic survivors, and died by suicide in 1965.

Frederick Fleet

Reginald Lee, played by Martin East, was in the crow's nest when the iceberg neared, and he survived by taking charge of lifeboat 13 before dying from pneumonia a year later.

Reginald Lee

Actor Craig Kelly played Harold Bride, the junior wireless officer who survived the sinking and helped send messages from Carpathia about survivors.

Harold Bride

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