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Music creates social bonds and may have evolved as a communication tool for our arboreal ancestors.

Music connects us

Listening to music engages the brain and can improve learning, as evidenced by MRI scans. In a 2019 study, people were more motivated to learn when music was promised as a reward.

Effect on the mind

Listening to music can increase physical activity and improve heart health through the benefits of dancing. Music can also affect breath rate, heart rate, and blood pressure depending on tempo and intensity.

It can help your heart health

Music increases dopamine production, improving mood and reducing anxiety and depression. The amygdala, which is responsible for emotions and mood, directly processes music.

Improve mood

Playing soft music and dimming lights during a meal can slow down eating, helping people consume less food in one sitting.

The Effect of Music on Eating Behavior

Music therapy can alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and dementia by stimulating memories and improving communication, mood, and relaxation in patients, even though there is no known cure for these conditions.

Music Therapy

Research confirms that exercising with music improves mood, increases efficiency, and leads to longer workouts, while athletes who listen to fast music during warmups perform better competitively.

The Benefits of Exercising with Music

Music reduces fatigue and increases endurance during repetitive tasks, according to a study by Shanghai University. It also lessens fatigue in cancer patients and increases the fatigue threshold during neuromuscular training.

Reduce fatigue

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