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Bad News: ‘You’ Season 5 Will Be the Show’s Last

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The second half of You season 4 is out now, with Joe returning to NYC after his latest murder spree and skipping town once again.

After the surprising reveal that Joe is also Rhys and a successful cover-up by Kate, Joe returns to NYC under his real name in the season 4 finale. But with a major cliff-hanger, fans are already anticipating what season 5 will bring. Here's what we know.

Penn Badgley hinted at a potential fifth season of You in an interview, suggesting that Joe will face consequences for his actions and the show will not continue simply due to its success.

Is there going to be a You season 5?

In season 4's ending, Joe's return to New York doesn't mean he's moving on from his killing habit. With newfound fame and a bookstore, he'll have to face the consequences in season 5 as the show creators tease the end of his murder spree.

What’s going to happen in You season 5?

With Joe back in New York for season 5, there's a possibility of seeing some familiar faces from season 1 like Ethan and Paco, and even Kate from season 4, but we're still hoping that Jenna Ortega can join the cast too.

Who’s in the cast for You season 5?

Netflix confirmed it will come in 2024 but nothing more specific than that, unfortunately.

What’s the release date for You season 5?

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