Best Discontinued Snack Foods We Miss

Doug Collins


Became a lunchbox staple with cookies that were meant to be dunked in icing. Unfortunately, sales declined, leading to their discontinuation in the US by 2012.



The silently disappeared wild cherry, strawberry, and raspberry varieties. Fortunately, cherry Jell-O remains available for those craving a similar taste.

Wild Cherry Jell-O


Guacamole-flavored tortilla chips became an instant hit, but sadly disappeared from shelves shortly after. Attempts to replicate the original flavor have fallen short.

Doritos Guacamole


Wonka Bar, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, disappeared due to low sales. Fans yearn for its return to relive the magic of Roald Dahl's world.

Nestlé Wonka Bar


The banana nut flavor, infused with real fruit puree, but sadly discontinued it in 2016. Despite other banana cereals, this trendsetter left a void.

Jell-O Pudding Pops


From 1968 to 1975, there were pizza-flavored snacks shaped like wheels that were one-of-a-kind, but sadly disappeared from store shelves.

Pizza Spins


Hershey's Swoops, chocolate chips shaped like Pringles, gained a devoted following but ultimately disappeared due to declining sales in 2006.

Hershey's Swoops


An iconic Cheetos flavor from the 2000s vanished after 2012, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its comeback, while the flamin' hot version took the spotlight.

Cheetos Salsa Con Queso


The beloved granola bar that combined M&Ms with granola can still be found on the Mars website, but unfortunately, it is no longer available in stores.

Kudos Granola Bars


Fig Newtons, a groundbreaking cookie with fruit fillings, introduced Apple Newtons as a popular variant, but unfortunately, they were later discontinued.

Apple Newtons

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