fall season brings beautiful colors

Best Places to Visit October in the US

New England

Known for its stunning fall foliage, New England states like Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine offer picturesque landscapes during October.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This national park is renowned for its breathtaking autumn colors. Take a hike along the park's numerous trails


October is an ideal time to explore Colorado's Rocky Mountains and witness the changing colors of the aspen trees.

New York City, New York

October in the Big Apple is filled with festivities. Witness the vibrant fall foliage in Central Park, stroll along the High Line

New Orleans, Louisiana

October brings milder temperatures to New Orleans, making it an excellent time to explore the city's rich culture and music scene. 

Savannah, Georgia

With its historic charm and southern hospitality, Savannah is a delightful destination in October

Zion National Park, Utah

October offers pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds at Zion National Park. Explore the park's stunning canyons, hike the famous Angel's

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

October is an ideal time to visit Cape Cod. Enjoy the region's picturesque coastal towns, go on a whale-watching excursion

Seattle, Washington

October in Seattle offers a mix of fall colors and urban attractions. Visit the iconic Pike Place Market, explore the beautiful Seattle Japanese Garden

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