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Bizarre Celebrity Deaths

Natalie Wood: Drowned Under Mysterious Circumstances

Details surrounding her death were murky, given that neither her husband, Robert Wagner, nor the captain of the boat witnessed her drowning. Wagner alleged that Wood went to bed after an argument.

Natasha Richardson: Refused Medical Help After A Ski Accident

Richardson was injured while taking a skiing class while on vacation in Canada. She apparently refused medical care in a condition of lucid confusion, claiming that she felt great and returning to her hotel room.

Jon-Erik Hexum: Russian Roulette Gone Wrong

Hexum started tinkering with a toy gun before spinning a blank cartridge, holding the barrel to his head in a pretend game of Russian roulette, and pulling the trigger.

Sonny Bono: Death On The Slopes

Bono became active in politics. His dreams were cut short when he died in a horrific skiing accident at Heavenly Ski Resort in South Lake Tahoe. Bono was killed when he crashed with a tree while riding down the hills.

Tennessee Williams: Death By Bottle Cap?

Williams died as a result of choking on a bottle cap that became caught in his throat, according to medical authorities consulted at the time. The cap came from a bottle of eye (or nose) drops he frequently used. 

Jayne Mansfield: Killed In A Mysterious Car Crash

Rumours circulated that Mansfield was decapitated in the incident, owing to the appearance of the car, which appeared to have had the top sliced off, and because Mansfield's wig flew from the car to the side of the road following the crash.

Linda Darnell: Killed In A House Fire

She died abruptly in a house fire while staying at the home of a former secretary. She awoke to the smell of smoke and a blazing living room after falling asleep while watching television with a lighted cigarette. 

Bruce Lee: "Misadventure" Or Allergic Reaction?

According to doctors, he died of cerebral edoema (brain swelling) caused by an allergic response to aspirin. However, a subsequent investigation into his death determined that, because his sweat glands had been removed months before

Elizabeth Short: The Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short, who was found severed at the waist in an empty lot, was arguably the most prominent unsolved murder in Los Angeles. Short's body had been posed and blood drained by her assailant.

Andy Kaufman: Kidney Failure Or Death Hoax?

Kaufman died in 1984 as a result of kidney failure caused by his malignancy. Many conspiracy theorists, however, believed Kaufman staged his death. The hoax allegation arose after many of Kaufman's close acquaintances alleged that he had always planned to fake his own death.