Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True

Doug Collins

It varies based on breed, size, and health. A dog's first year is roughly equivalent to 15 human years, but the rate varies afterward.

Dogs not age per human year

They have limited color perception, especially in the blue and yellow range. They see the world differently from humans but can still detect certain colors.

Dogs are not fully colorblind

It can also indicate anxiety, fear, or aggression. Understanding the dog's overall body language and context is crucial for accurate interpretation.

Wagging tail not happy dog

It can be due to taste, texture, or to induce vomiting. Consult a veterinarian if there are concerning behaviors or excessive grass consumption.

Eat grass different reasons

They contain bacteria and can carry pathogens harmful to humans. Practice good hygiene and avoid contact with a dog's mouth, particularly on wounds or broken skin.

Dogs' mouths are not cleaner

Training, socialization, and consistent reinforcement are vital for addressing and managing them throughout their lives.

Behavioral issues in dogs

Proper socialization, mental stimulation, and interaction with humans and other dogs are essential for their happiness. While companionship can be beneficial.

A littermate to be happy

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