Controversial Actions by 10 Famous Individuals

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Jackie Chan's controversial disownment of his lesbian daughter and their subsequent homelessness underlines the heartbreaking impact of parental homophobia, shedding light on the struggles faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Jackie Chan


Madonna's controversial actions, such as her explicit account of relations with a teenage boy, alleged on-stage sexual assault, and ongoing investigations into potential child sex trafficking, have generated



Liam Neeson admitted to a disturbing incident where he actively sought out a Black man to harm, revealing his previous prejudiced mindset and actions.

Liam Neeson


Mark Wahlberg's past involvement in a hate crime against two Vietnamese-American men, resulting in injuries and racial slurs, has been largely unknown to many.

Mark Wahlberg


Allegations suggest Tom Cruise's involvement in aiding the Church of Scientology during a wrongful death case, exploitation of forced labor within the church, and accounts of intimidating behavior from Leah Remini's memoir.

Tom Cruise


Chris Brown's record of abuse and allegations of violence and sexual assault raise concerns about accountability and ongoing support despite the prevalence of the "cancel culture" movement.

Chris Brown


Travis Scott faced allegations of leaving his ex-manager Shane Morris alone during a seizure, exhibiting ableist discrimination, and expressing concerns about having someone with epilepsy as his manager.

Travis Scott


Mike Tyson's history includes the infamous ear-biting incident against Evander Holyfield and a conviction for rape in 1992, serving three years in prison before returning to boxing in 1996.

Mike Tyson


Jared Leto faces serious allegations of sexual impropriety while continuing to receive opportunities in the entertainment industry without significant consequences.

Jared Leto


Steven Tyler's relationship with a 16-year-old girl, involving legal guardianship and interstate travel, raises concerns about exploitation, as well as allegations of pressuring her into abortion at a young age.

Steven Tyler

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