Debunking false myths about cats

Cats may injure themselves and experience pain if they land wrongly or jump from too high, despite their agility.

The cat always lands on its paws

Cats may purr not only when they are content but also when in pain or fear, indicating that purring is not always a sign of happiness.

If the cat purrs, it is happy

Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite found in cat litter, can infect women if ingested, but this doesn't mean cats can't live indoors; women should avoid cleaning the litter box.

Pregnant women cannot keep cats in the house

As kittens, cats can digest cow's milk due to the presence of an enzyme that they lose as they grow older, leading to lactose intolerance in adult cats.

Making cats drink cow's milk

Feeding a cat a vegan diet can have serious health consequences as cats are carnivores.

The cat can be vegan

Cats are not strictly nocturnal creatures, but rather crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk.

At night the cat is much more active

Cats age differently from humans, with their first year equivalent to 16 human years and subsequent years worth about 4-5 human years.

One year of a human being is worth 7 years of cats

Removing a cat's claws is not less painful and can cause chronic arthritis pain and increased aggression.

Better to remove claws than to cut nails

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