10 Most Snake-Infested Rivers In Canada

It's big. The Bois de Sioux and Otter Tail rivers, its main branches, merge near the North Dakota-Minnesota border and pour into Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

Red River

Assiniboine River

Western Canada's plains flow the Assiniboine. Garter, Northern Water, and Eastern Milk Snakes reside nearby. These species are harmless and essential to their ecosystems.

South Saskatchewan River

South Saskatchewan is Alberta and Saskatchewan's largest river. Bull Snakes, Northern Water Snakes, Prairie Rattlesnakes, and Eastern Garter Snakes reside nearby. Prairie Rattlesnakes are rare in South Saskatchewan River.

North Saskatchewan River

Glacier-fed North Saskatchewan River runs east into Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg from Alberta to Saskatchewan. Prairie Rattlesnakes, Bull Snakes, Northern Water Snakes, and Eastern Garters live nearby.

Cowichan River

British Columbia's Cowichan River is in southern Vancouver Island. Western Garter Snakes and other snakes live nearby. Non-venomous Western Garter Snakes are prevalent throughout Canada, especially Vancouver Island.

British Columbia's Kettle River is a popular fishing, swimming, and leisure spot. The non-venomous Western Garter Snake, distributed throughout Canada, is one of many snake species in the region. 

Kettle River

Okanagan River

British Columbia's Okanagan River offers fishing, rafting, and floating. Western Rattlesnakes, Gopher Snakes, and Western Garter Snakes live nearby.

Grand River

Fishing, canoeing, and kayaking are popular on Ontario's Grand River. Eastern Garter Snakes, Northern Water Snakes, and Dekay's Brown Snakes live nearby.

Sydenham River

The Sydenham River in southern Ontario, Canada, has several aquatic species, including the Eastern Milksnake. One of Canada's most species-rich basins, the Sydenham River has 34 mussel and 80 fish species.

Thames River

The Thames River in southern Ontario, Canada, is popular for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Eastern Hog-nosed Snakes, Eastern Garter Snakes, and Northern Water Snakes live nearby.