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Dogs' 7 Unique Sleeping Positions All Have a Distinct Meaning

By: joel stice

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Curling up in a ball

Curling up in a ball: Dogs often sleep in this position to conserve body heat and feel secure.

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The Superman position

The Superman position: Dogs lie on their stomachs with their legs stretched out behind them to cool down and regulate body temperature.

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Back-to-back position

Back-to-back position: Dogs sleep with their backs touching another dog or human for a sense of companionship and warmth.

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Side sleeping with legs in the air

Side sleeping with legs in the air: Dogs may sleep on their sides with their legs extended to relax and feel comfortable.

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Belly-up position

Belly-up position: Dogs who sleep on their backs with their bellies exposed may be showing trust and relaxation.

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Leaning against a wall or object

Leaning against a wall or object: Some dogs lean against a wall or object while sleeping to feel supported and secure.

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Spooning position

Spooning position: Dogs may sleep close to another dog or human, with their bodies touching, to seek comfort and closeness.

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