Dogs Are Weird

5 Things They Do That Will Make You Laugh

Dogs suddenly burst into a frenzy of high-speed running and playful antics, often seen in open spaces or after a bath.


Butt Scooting

Dogs drag their rear end along the ground, usually to alleviate itchiness caused by anal gland discomfort or an irritated bottom.

Head Tilting

When dogs tilt their heads to the side, it's an adorable and curious behavior that often happens when they hear unfamiliar sounds or when trying to understand something.

Eating Grass

Dogs sometimes eat grass, which can be a normal behavior or a way to soothe an upset stomach. It's often harmless but may require attention if it becomes excessive.

Sleeping in Strange Positions

Dogs can contort themselves into amusing sleeping positions, such as upside down, stretched out with all legs in the air, or curled up in tiny spaces.