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Dogs Give Off 7 Subtle Signs When They Don't Respect Their Human

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The dog may actively try to avoid interactions or physical contact with their human, seeking distance instead.

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Ignoring commands

Disregarding commands or failing to respond to cues from their human may indicate a lack of trust or respect.

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Guarding resources

If the dog becomes possessive or protective over food, toys, or other items, it can be a sign of resource guarding and potential insecurity in the relationship.

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Growling or snapping

Aggressive displays such as growling, snapping, or showing teeth can occur when a dog feels threatened, frightened, or uncomfortable.

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Constant pulling on the leash

Pulling excessively on the leash during walks can indicate a lack of trust in their human's ability to lead or control the situation.

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Excessive jumping or mouthing

Overly exuberant or rough play, including jumping on or mouthing their human, can suggest a lack of understanding boundaries or social cues.

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Body language cues

Subtle signs like lowered ears, a tucked tail, avoiding eye contact, or a crouched posture can indicate fear, anxiety, or discomfort in the dog-human dynamic.

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