Dogs That Look Like Wild Animals

African wild dogs are social & intelligent hunters that can run up to 41 mph. They live in packs & work together to kill prey.

African Wild Dog

Albino Tanuki

Albino tanuki are rare white raccoon dogs with red eyes. They are found in the Central Alps area of Japan. The origin of this mutation is unknown.

Dhole (Asiatic Wild Dog)

Dholes are Asian wild dogs that are not related to domestic dogs. They are excellent hunters and swimmers, and can kill prey up to 10 times their own size. They live in packs of 8-12 members.

Australian Dingo

Dingoes are Australian wild dogs that are a mix of wolves and domestic dogs. They are healthy, athletic, and sturdy. They can be domesticated and kept as pets.

Bush Dog

Bush dogs are small, rare wild canines with unique features. They live in Central and South America and mark their territory by standing on their hind legs.

Coyotes are medium-sized canines native to North America. They are smaller than wolves but larger than foxes. Coyotes are part of the same ecological niche as the golden jackal in Eurasia.



Foxes are small, wild canids that are not good pets. Dogs are domesticated and make better companions.


Medium-sized, omnivorous mammals called jackals are part of the Canidae family and are closely related to coyotes, foxes, wolves, and dogs. The first jackal was identified in 1601.

Short-Eared Dog

Short-eared dogs are rare, Amazonian canids. They are similar to domestic dogs in social structure, mating, and lifespan. They were first studied in 1984.

Tanuki (Raccoon Dog)

Raccoon dogs look like raccoons but are more closely related to foxes. They can be adopted as pets but have a tendency to steal.