Exploring 7 Ghost Towns from the Old West in Montana


Discover Montana's history at Bannack, a preserved ghost town with over 60 historic structures, including the iconic Hotel Meade, Skinner's Saloon, and the Bannack Cemetery.


Castle Town was a once-thriving mining community that now stands as a haunting reminder of Montana's mining past, with well-preserved structures such as the Northumberland Mine, Miner's Union Hall, and old schoolhouse.

Castle Town

Coolidge, a silver mining town nestled in Montana’s Pioneer Mountains, offers a haunting glimpse into the past with its deserted streets and abandoned buildings.


Explore the remnants of the once-thriving silver mining town of Granite, Montana, including the massive Granite Mountain Mine, Miners' Union Hall, and old schoolhouse.


Explore the remains of Comet, a Montana mining town that once prospered from gold, silver, and lead, and now offers a glimpse into the daily life of a bygone era.


Discover Garnet, a historic gold-mining ghost town in western Montana, with well-preserved buildings, including the J.K. Wells Hotel, Davey's Store, and Dr. Kelley's Drug Store.


Coloma is a historic gold mining town in Montana's Garnet Range, now abandoned but with well-preserved remnants of its past.


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