Eyeliner Hacks for Bigger Eyes

Use a light eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger

To make eyes look bigger, use a nude eyeliner instead of white for the waterline. Also, choose a long-lasting, waterproof pencil.


Praise Those Eyebrows

Well-groomed brows enhance eyes' shape, create bigger eye illusion. Bold brows make you look innocent, not over-tweezed arches which make you look older.


Contouring your eyes with eyeshadow

Contouring isn't just for cheekbones. Use a light brown eyeshadow to sculpt and redefine any part of the face, including the eyes.


Say Goodbye To Puffiness

Tips to reduce eye puffiness: Get enough sleep, wash face with cold water, place cold teabags over eyes, reduce salt intake, and exercise.


Curl eyelashes to make your eyes look wider

Curl lashes with a cushioned curler close to roots. Hold for 5 sec, pump at least 4 times, and move curler along lashes until tips for final curl.


Say No To Under Eye Dark Circles

Conceal dark circles with an illuminating concealer lighter than your foundation to enhance your look and avoid drawing attention away from your eyes.


Highlight your inner eye corner

Highlight inner eye corner with shimmer to brighten eyes, pinch nose, and create the illusion of bigger eyes. Use cool-toned highlighter.


Light Neutral Colored Eye Shadow

Contour with neutral and light eyeshadows. Use light shades to bring the eyes forward and darker shades to push back. Apply light shades at the center of the eyelids.


Use a lengthening mascara

Mascara is essential to complete any look. Lengthening mascara can make the eyes appear bigger.


Tightline The Upper Water Line

Tightline the upper water line with black liner to create fuller lashes and open up the eyes. Use a high-quality liner like Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil for best results.


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