Fish oil: 12 Health Benefits You Need to Know

May support heart health

Fish Oil Supplements and Heart Disease: Reducing Risk Factors, But Not Preventing Attacks or Strokes


Controls Blood Pressure

Omega-3 fish oil capsules can lower blood pressure and promote long-term health.


Improved Cognitive Function

Fish oil's DHA may protect against Alzheimer's and related diseases by reducing risk factors like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


May support eye health

Unclear if fish oil supplements prevent eye diseases, despite fish being linked to prevention.


Keeps The Bones Healthy

Fish oil capsules can increase bone density and decrease bone loss, effectively treating osteoporosis in older adults.


Control Joint Swelling

Omega-3 may prevent rheumatoid arthritis by controlling joint swelling and alleviating autoimmune inflammation, according to studies.


May support healthy skin

Fish oil supplements may promote healthy skin, especially for aging or sun-damaged skin.


Averts The Risk Of Cancer

When it comes to averting certain types of cancer, fish oil capsules are considered as a reliable remedy.


May support pregnancy and early life

Omega-3 in fish oil aids infant growth and development, but its effect on IQ is unclear.


Keeps Renal Issues At Bay

Fish oil capsules may help protect and improve kidney health with a daily intake of 4 to 8 grams.


May improve symptoms of depression

Fish oil supplements, particularly those high in EPA, could alleviate symptoms of depression.


Protects From Type-II Diabetes

Fish oil capsules benefit Type-II diabetes by reducing fat tissue inflammation with omega-3 fatty acids.