German doctors attempt to revive the dead

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Tomorrow Biostasis is a company dedicated to human cryopreservation, with the ultimate goal of being able to reverse death.

The recently established Berlin startup has already cryopreserved approximately 10 deceased individuals.

In the process of cryopreservation, liquid nitrogen plays a crucial role as the primary element used to maintain the low temperatures required to preserve the bodies.

Tomorrow Biostasis, a German cryopreservation startup, has a waiting list of hundreds, with about 10 bodies already preserved, but the challenge lies in what comes next.

Tech.Eu reports that Tomorrow Biostasis aims to preserve the bodies of recently deceased individuals in a state of stasis, with the goal of reversing their cause of death and reviving them in the future.

TechCrunch reports that Tomorrow Biostasis has 10 people cryopreserved and hundreds more on the waiting list, mostly aged 36 and working in tech, with some wanting only their brain preserved for a possible future without a body.

Futurism reports that bodies are cooled to -196°C and preserved in an insulated tank with liquid nitrogen at the European Biostasis Foundation in Rafz, Switzerland, where they are considered scientific body donations for long-term storage.

Besides the challenge of reviving a cryopreserved human, there are also smaller issues to address, such as decision-making on revival timing, according to Gizmodo.

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