Here's What 10 Things Cost 100 Years Ago

Doug Collins


The aspiration of owning a white picket fence and a new house, which would have cost around $6,296 in the past, translates to approximately $95,017.97 in today's value.

Grocery Items

Grocery prices from 1920 are astounding compared to today, with a dozen eggs at 47 cents ($7.09 today) and a pound of round steak at 40 cents ($6.04 today). Recent factors, like inflation and avian flu outbreaks, already high cost of eggs.


The automobile industry in the 1920s, women would paint their nails with high-gloss car paint, while a manicure cost less than 25 cents ($3.77 today). Oh, if only manicures were still that affordable in the present day.


Ladies! Listen up. The most trendy hairstyle of the 1920s was the bob. To get the initial cut, it cost $5.00 ($75.46 today), and to upkeep the style it was $2.00 ($30.18 today) per week.


Walking down the aisle is a ridiculously expensive trip. American's currently spend, on average, $30,000 on the big day. In 1920, the average cost of a wedding was about $400 ($6,036 today).

New Radio

The latest entertainment medium of the 1920s, the radio, was initially a significant investment for Americans, costing over $200 (over $3,000 today). However, prices dropped by the end of the decade to a more affordable $35 ($528.21 today)

Movie Ticket

A ticket to catch a movie on the big screen cost 15 cents–which is about $2.26 today. That's a far cry from the national average of a movie ticket in 2022, which is $10.95.

Washing Machine

Laundry isn't just going to do itself, you know. But if you wanted a washing machine, it would've cost $81.50. With inflation, that's about $1,229–which doesn't seem too far off by today's standards.

Diner Food

The cost of a meal for two at a diner today typically ranges from $20 to $30, while in 1920, it would have been around 70 cents ($18.23 today). Surprisingly, not much has changed in that regard.

New Car

In the 1920s, a Chevrolet car would set you back $525 (equivalent to just under $8,000 today), highlighting the appeal of owning a new car at such a reasonable price. Oh, how we wish the same were true in 2023!

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