How do your parents' zodiac signs influence you?

The sun sign

The sun sign, also known as the star sign, can be easily determined just by knowing a person's birthday.

Parenting style

A person's sun sign can give insight into their parenting style; for instance, a Virgo parent is likely to be highly organized, while a Taurus parent may be patient and calm.


Star signs can reveal much about our communication styles, and it's worth considering how our parents' communication styles might have been influenced by their signs.


Saturn's placement in our birth charts can reveal the type of structure provided by our primary caregivers and the impact it has on our relationships and boundaries.

Patterns and a pinch of salt

Birth charts provide insights and deeper understanding of ourselves and others, but it's important to trust real-life experiences and patterns instead of discounting them.

The roles of the sun and moon

The sun is associated with the more career-oriented parent figure, while the moon is linked to the nurturing caregiver, although these roles are not strictly tied to gender.

The sun's placement

The placement of the sun in your birth chart can reveal your feelings about your father figure, their personality traits, and their role in your life.

The sun's house

A sun in the 12th house can suggest an absent or problematic relationship with the father, as this house is linked to loss, endings, and mental health.

The moon's placement

The moon's placement in your chart can reveal how you perceive your mother figure, for instance, if your moon is in Taurus, it might suggest a dedicated and serious approach to parenting.

The moon's sign

A moon in Libra suggests that the mother figure was skilled in creating peaceful relationships, social, and good at resolving family problems.