How to Clean Dog Ears at Home

Doug Collins

Gather your tools

Be prepared for resistance from your dog during the ear cleaning process, have towels, cotton balls, ear wash solution, and tweezers ready if necessary.

Start with grooming

Hairy ears, consider trimming the hair before cleaning to improve accessibility. Remove mats, clean around the ear canal and flap, and if necessary, pluck some hair for better airflow.

Restrain your dog

Securely position your dog on a table or have them lie down while gently restraining them for ear cleaning. Ensure their comfort and safety by using your arm and gentle grasp techniques.

Apply ear wash solution

Fill your dog's inner ear by using their ear flap as a funnel, being careful not to insert the bottle tip directly into the ear. Use enough ear wash solution for it to flow out naturally.

Massage the ears

Hold the ear flap and massage the base for 20-30 seconds to help the ear wash break up wax and debris inside your dog's ear.

Wipe away debris

Use a cotton ball or gauze pad to clean debris from inside the ear flap and upper canal after massaging your dog's ears.

Let your dog shake

Allow your dog to shake their head to remove excess ear wash and debris. Clean the ear flap again using a cotton ball or gauze pad, avoiding penetrating the ear canal too deeply.

Give your dog a treat

Reward your pet with a treat, repeat the process on the other ear, and offer another treat as a reward for completing the cleaning.

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