How To Make

Coffee While Camping 

Use A Coffee Bag


Coffee bags, like tea bags, make camping coffee easy. These bags, store-bought or handmade, soak in boiling water to make coffee.

A Stovetop Espresso Maker


Stovetop espresso makers, called "Moka pots" in Europe, make strong, full-flavored coffee.

The GSI Java Drip Portable Coffee System


The GSI lightweight JavaDrip was created for backpackers who wanted to make delicious coffee outside without sacrificing weight or space.

The Cowboy Method


Campfire cowboy coffee is famous. It's recognised for its egg-brewing and black, viscous texture.

The Jetboil Flash Java Kit


Jetboil's Flash Java Kit, a French Press attachment for its pot lid, eliminates the need for camping gear.

Hand Press Gadgets


Portable espresso makers with C02 or hand pumps like Handpresso make authentic espresso anywhere.

Jump On The Aeropress Bandwagon


Our most awkward yet easiest-to-use brewer is the Aerobie Aeropress. It creates the cleanest coffee, therefore coffee aficionados are embracing it.

A One Cup Filter/Dripper


The Melitta one-cup dripper makes clean-tasting, flavorful single-serve coffee without fuss.

The GSI Outdoor French Press (JavaPress)


The French Press technique produces a deeper, fuller flavour, and you no longer need to carry your delicate French press camping.

Ye Old Campfire Percolator


Percolators are good for strong coffee campers. 8-12 cup enamelware with a glass button top and metal filter. Overbrewing produces bitter, thick coffee.