interesting facts about Jackie movie

Brooklyn Simmons

preparing for the role

Natalie Portman spent six months preparing for the role, studying Jacqueline Kennedy's voice, mannerisms, and history.

Academy Award

The movie was well-received by critics, earning three Academy Award nominations and numerous other accolades.

The film portrays Jacqueline Kennedy as a complex and multifaceted character, showing her as both vulnerable and strong, grieving and determined.

The movie was largely shot in Paris, France, due to its similarity to Washington D.C. in the 1960s.

Composer Mica Levi's haunting score was created using experimental techniques, including recording the sound of her own breathing and heartbeat.

The film's costume designer, Madeline Fontaine, meticulously recreated Jacqueline Kennedy's iconic fashion sense, sourcing vintage fabrics and collaborating with top fashion houses to create the perfect look.

"Jackie" was not the first movie to explore the life of Jacqueline Kennedy, but it was praised for its unique perspective and nuanced portrayal of the iconic figure.

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