McDonald's Is Making Some Major Changes To Its Classic Burgers

Doug Collins

Freshness and quality

McDonald's has switched from frozen to fresh beef for Quarter Pounder and Signature Crafted burgers, highlighting their dedication to quality and freshness. This change can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Custom & Personalization

McDonald's now offers more customization and personalization options for their burgers, catering to a wider range of customers with different preferences and dietary needs. This change can help increase customer attraction and retention.

Health and wellness

McDonald's has removed artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors from its burgers to improve their nutritional value and cater to health-conscious customers. This change reflects the company's efforts to address concerns around health and wellness.


McDonald's introduced the plant-based McPlant burger, made from pea protein, to address concerns around sustainability and environmental impact. This change reflects the company's commitment to offering more eco-friendly options on their menu.

Brand image & reputation

McDonald's is adapting its classic burgers to changing consumer preferences and trends to maintain its brand image and reputation. These changes can help the company stay relevant and retain customers over the long term

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