Missouri Town with the Highest Tornado Risk

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History of Parkville, MO

Founded in 1844, Parkville, Missouri rapidly grew to support various businesses, and today it houses the flagship campus of Park University, quaint shops, and the National Golf Club of Kansas City.

Population and Size

Parkville, with an estimated population of 7,810 people as of 2021, spans an area of about 15.41 square miles and is bordered to the south by the Missouri River and to the southeast by Kansas City.

Tornado Index

FEMA's National Risk Index dataset illustrates the communities in the US most at risk for 18 natural hazards, including tornadoes, through a Tornado Risk Index score that considers multiple variables.

Parkville’s Tornado Index Score

Parkville, MO has a tornado index score of 398.59, classifying it as a Very High-risk area for experiencing frequent tornadoes with winds up to 250 mph, comparable to Wichita, KS and Grand Island, NE.

Wildlife Around Parkville

Parkville is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including deer, bats, birds, turtles, and both venomous and non-venomous snakes.

How Do Tornadoes Affect Wildlife?

Tornadoes have little long-term impact on wildlife, but they can cause changes to the environment that lead to imbalances in ecosystems and the spread of invasive species.