Most Unusual Animals to See Before You Die

Mantis Shrimp

Mantis shrimp, ancient and formidable creatures, possess powerful clubs capable of smashing shells, delivering rapid punches, and breaking glass, with the peacock mantis shrimp being particularly stunning in appearance.

Glass Frog

The extraordinary glass frog, with its transparent skin revealing internal organs and egg-like spots on its back, can be found in Costa Rica and Panama, with Tortuguero National Park offering a good opportunity for sightings.

Stick Insect

The stick insect, known for its incredible camouflage resembling a stick, includes fascinating varieties like the giant prickly stick insect with thorn-like spikes, while the Phobaeticus kirbyi, one of the longest insects at over 21 inches, can be found in Borneo.


The shoebill stork stands tall with its distinctive shoe-shaped bill, excelling as a predator in East Africa's marshes, feeding on reptiles, rodents, fish, and even striking juvenile crocodiles.


Sparklemuffin, a tiny Australian peacock spider with a colorful appearance and unique mating dance, discovered in Wondul National Park near Brisbane.


Coatimundi, a raccoon-like creature found in Central and South America, occasionally seen in the American Southwest, known for scavenging and raiding trash cans, but not suitable as domestic pets.

Jabiru Stork

Five-foot-tall jabiru storks in Central and South America exhibit territorial behavior, as witnessed in an incident at the Belize Zoo where one tried to stab visitors with its 14-inch-long bill, leading to the installation of a roof in the stork's exhibit.