Movies that bankrupted their studios

'Battlefield Earth' (2000) starring John Travolta was a critical and financial disaster that led to Franchise Pictures going bankrupt and facing legal charges for scamming investors, and earned a Razzie award for being truly awful.

‘Battlefield Earth’ (2000)

'Bangkok Dangerous' (2008) starring Nicolas Cage, despite briefly taking the number one spot at the US box office, ultimately grossed only $47 million worldwide, leading to the closure of co-production company Virtual Studios.

‘Bangkok Dangerous’ (2008)

Despite winning four Oscars, including Best Director and Best Visual Effects, "Life of Pi" (2012) could not save Rhythm & Hues Studios from bankruptcy, as the company had already laid off employees before the film's success at the box office.

‘Life Of Pi’ (2012)

The ambitious animated movie 'Mars Needs Moms' (2011), with a budget of $150 million, failed to recoup even a third of its budget, leading to Disney's biggest loss and the shutdown of producer Robert Zemeckis's digital production company.

‘Mars Needs Moms’ (2011)

The critically-panned movie 'Heaven's Gate' (1980) was a financial disaster and caused production company United Artists to sell to MGM, despite having other blockbuster hits in the works at the same time.

‘Heaven's Gate’ (1980) 

New Line Cinema's $180 million film adaptation of 'The Golden Compass' (2007) was a supposed blockbuster franchise, but signing away international rights caused financial ruin and a merger with Warner Bros. Pictures.

‘The Golden Compass’ (2007)

The 2003 movie 'Looney Tunes: Back in Action' had an $80 million budget but only made $68.5 million at the box office, leading to the closure of Warner Bros. Feature Animation.

‘Looney Tunes: Back in Action’ (2003)

Despite earning a respectable $85.1 million at the box office, the photorealistic animated movie 'Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within' (2001) could not recover its $137 million budget, resulting in the closure of production company Square Pictures.

‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’ (2001)

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