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Overweight Dog?

Your dog's ribs should be easily felt, but not sharp. They should feel like the back of your hand.

Feel Your Dog's Ribs

A healthy dog's chest should be wider than their abdomen, with a defined waistline.

Look for the Tuck-Up

Look For Your Pup's Waist

Overweight dogs have no waistline when viewed from the side.

Overweight dogs may be less active and may pant or sleep more than usual.

Monitor Your Dog's Energy & Endurance

Use an overweight dog chart to see what a healthy vs. overweight dog looks like.

Check Out The Overweight Dog Chart

Keep your pup active with two daily walks and outdoor playtime. Playing fetch or frisbee is a great way to bond and burn calories.

Regular Exercise

Modify Diet & Feeding

Your vet can calculate the right amount of food and type of food for your dog. Feed your dog at the same time daily and measure the food based on their ideal weight.

Annual or biannual vet visits are important for your dog's health. They can detect illness early, monitor weight, and adjust diet if needed.

Regular Check-ups