Pet Speak

Decode Your Furry Friend's Hidden Messages

Put down your phone


Pets want attention. They may act silly to get it. Bored pets may misbehave.

Feed me


Your dog licks your face not out of love, but because it's looking for a snack, similar to how a puppy learns to lick its mother's mouth for leftover food.

I’m stressed


Cats may lick you for both affection and to soothe themselves, while birds may overgroom when anxious, even plucking out their feathers.

My tail tells all


Dog tails wag right for likes, left for dislikes. Cats wrap tails when scared, question mark shape means playfulness.

Don’t dismiss my accidents


Pets having accidents could indicate health problems. Mention it to the vet. Provide more litter boxes for cats if they keep missing.

I can’t even look at you


Dogs avoid eye contact and yawn when they're angry or stressed. Lip-licking is also a sign of distress.

Let’s stay in


Dogs prefer to be indoors with their owners rather than being left outside alone.

I need alone time


If your dog appears scared or anxious, give it a break from people, including yourself. Provide a calm space for it to relax, like a crate.

Take my rear end in your face as a compliment


Cat presenting behind = sees you as maternal figure; Slow blink = comfortable around you. Dog showing belly = submissive, trusting.

My tummy hurts


Dog arching back or tucking belly = likely in pain. Crouching cat = possible pain in chest or abdomen. Head tilt in cat = potential pain in that area. Consult vet for persistent issues.