Preparing for Fatherhood Tips and Advice

Educate yourself on the basics of child development and parenting techniques.

Start research

Prepare for your baby's arrival by prioritizing your health through quitting smoking, improving your diet, scheduling a physical, and updating vaccinations to reduce health risks for your newborn.

Get healthy

Have a conversation with your partner about parenting expectations and come to an agreement on a plan.

Talk with your co-parent

View yourselves as a team, let go of competition, and support each other in caring for your family, whether it's by feeding, housekeeping, or checking in on each other.

 Start playing as a team

Approach fatherhood with a positive attitude and embrace both the joys and challenges that come with it.

Celebrate the milestones

Developing effective communication skills with your partner is essential in preparing for fatherhood.

Advocate for your co-parent 

Prioritize sleep for your partner, yourself, and your baby by finding the right approach for your family, whether it's taking turns or dividing responsibilities, to ensure everyone gets the rest they need.


Stay involved in caring for your newborn by taking on diaper changes, baths, skin-to-skin time, reading, singing, bottle feeding, household chores, and supporting your co-parent, even if they are breastfeeding.

Share responsibilities

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