Protect Your Heart: 10 Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack

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Don't smoke or use tobacco

Quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke to protect your heart.


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Choose good nutrition

A heart-healthy diet can control risk factors like high cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes. Choose nutrient-rich foods and limit sweets and red meat. 


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Be physically active.

Get Moving: 150 Minutes of Aerobic Activity a Week for Optimal Health


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Keep your blood pressure under control

High blood pressure is a major risk for heart disease. Get checked regularly and lower it through lifestyle changes, or medication if necessary.


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Maintain a healthy weight

Excess weight, especially around the middle, increases risk of heart disease. BMI of 25+ is overweight, and waist circumference >40" (men) or >35" (women) increases risk.


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Manage diabetes

DM patients >65 have 68% risk of HD and 16% risk of stroke. Other factors like high BP, cholesterol, smoking, obesity, and inactivity increase the risk.


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Take your medicine.

Take prescribed meds for cholesterol, blood sugar & pressure. Don't take aspirin without doctor's advice. Low-dose aspirin may be prescribed after a heart attack or stroke.


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Limit alcohol consumption

Limit alcohol intake to reduce risk of heart disease. Men should have no more than 2 drinks per day and women should have no more than 1.


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Get good quality sleep

Lack of sleep increases health risks. Adults need 7+ hours of sleep each night, with a regular sleep schedule and a dark and quiet bedroom


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Manage stress

Unhealthy stress management can lead to overeating, drinking, or smoking. Physical activity, relaxation, and meditation are healthier alternatives.


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