Seven of the Oldest Mosques in the United States

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The oldest mosque in America was established by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq of the Ahmadiyya sect in 1922 as part of the mission’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago, and is now known as Al Sadiq Mosque.

Al Sadiq Mosque, Chicago, Illinois

Oldest mosque in New York, the Powers Street Mosque, sits in Brooklyn and was established by Tatar immigrants who bought a former church in 1927, with its design reflecting their origins in the Baltic states.

The Brooklyn Moslem Mosque, New York City

North Dakota's mosque is a monument to Syrian and Lebanese Muslims who migrated to the US in the 19th century, and a small square cinderblock building with four thin faux minarets and a tiny copper dome was erected in 2005.

North Dakota Mosque, Ross, North Dakota

The "Mother Mosque," built in 1934 by Syrian and Lebanese Muslim immigrants, is reportedly America's oldest surviving purpose-built mosque and is now used to educate people about the country's Islamic heritage.

Mother Mosque, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The American Moslem Society started in a Dearborn house in 1938 and now has a large purpose-built mosque with a madrasah and medical center.

American Moslem Society, Dearborn, Michigan

The Islamic Center of Washington, founded in 1944 and designed by Italian architect Mario Rossi, is the oldest mosque in the U.S. capital and was opened in 1952.

 Islamic Center of Washington

Masjid Muhammad, formerly known as Nation of Islam Temple 4, was widely regarded as the first mosque to be built in the U.S. Capital by descendants of enslaved African Americans and has been a mainstream Sunni Islam mosque since 1975.

Masjid Muhammad, Washington, D.C.

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