Shower the Right Way: Essential Tips


Shower Frequency

Three at minimum. (Seven is the max for most people!) Showering is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce disease.

Temperature for Showers

The ideal temperature is between warm and hot, avoiding extremes to prevent drying out the skin and damaging the skin barrier.

Which Soap Should I Use?

Choose gentle, fragrance-free cleansers, avoid antibacterial body washes, and consider using Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash.

Does Bar Soap Breed Germs?

Charles Gerba, Ph.D., highlights a study showing that washing hands with soap effectively eliminates detectable levels of bacteria,

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

Tailor hair washing to scalp's needs, balancing natural oil preservation; frequency varies by hair type (2-7 days) to prevent breakage.

How Long Should You Shower?

Balance shower length for skin health and moisture, avoiding overexposure and pruney fingers.

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