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Signs Your Dog Loves You

Tail wagging

A wagging tail is often a sign of happiness and excitement, indicating that your dog is happy to see you and enjoys your presence.

Eye contact

When your dog looks into your eyes with a soft and relaxed gaze, it can be a sign of trust and a deep connection.

Cuddling and leaning

Dogs may lean against their owners or curl up beside them as a way to seek comfort and closeness.

Excitement and enthusiasm

If your dog gets excited and displays joyful behavior, such as jumping, spinning, or wagging their entire body, it's a clear sign that they enjoy being around you.

Licking and grooming

Dogs may lick their owners as a way to show affection and to bond, similar to how they groom each other in social settings.

Bringing you toys

Your dog may bring you their favorite toys or objects as a sign of trust and a desire to engage in play or share their belongings with you.

Following you around

If your dog tends to follow you from room to room or stays close to you when you're together, it shows their desire to be near you and their attachment to you.

Relaxation in your presence

When your dog feels comfortable and at ease in your presence, they may lie down, stretch out, or snooze, indicating that they feel safe and loved.

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