Solving historical mysteries through forensics

DNA extracted from a rock using the M-Vac led to the identification and conviction of Joseph Michael Simpson for the murder of Krystal Beslanowitch in 1995.

Murder in Utah

Forensic advances in DNA extraction using the M-Vac helped solve the 1977 rape and murder of 16-year-old Sharon Schollmeyer, whose body was found in her apartment's bath water, and the culprit was the building manager.

The girl in the bath tub

Kevin Butler was stabbed to death in his apartment on Christmas Eve 2001, and the case was solved when the DNA found in his pet cockatoo's beak and claws matched that of the man he had financial trouble with, who also had injuries from being pecked and clawed.

Christmas Eve killing

"Buckskin Girl" identified in 2018 through forensic facial reconstruction, decades after her murder in 1981.

The murder of Buckskin girl

Dutch cold case solved in 2012 by DNA collected from men living in a five-mile radius, leading to the identification of a middle-aged neighbor.

The murderer who gave himself up

DNA phenotyping helped solve the murder of Sierra Bouzigard in Louisiana in 2009 when a forensic sketch was recognized and the perpetrator was brought to justice, but he was later found hanging in jail.

Sierra Bouzigard

Forensic advances in 2012 helped solve the previously unsolved case of the murder of Harvard grad student Jane Britton in 1969, with DNA evidence eventually matching that of a convicted serial sex offender and murderer from 1973.

The murder of a Harvard grad student

Ted Bundy was convicted for the murder of three women at Florida State University in 1978 after a forensics expert testified that bite marks on one of the victim's body matched Bundy's teeth.

Catching Ted Bundy

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