Strange Las Vegas UFOs baffle residents

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Las Vegas residents witnessed a group of mysterious glowing UFOs, while military officials and the local airport denied involvement, prompting an investigation by 8 News NOW.

8 News NOW discovered that the strange lights witnessed over Las Vegas couldn't be attributed to military or aviation training as the nearby Nellis Air Force Base denied conducting any training that night.

The witness who captured the video of the UFOs believes the lights were over the Strip and the old downtown area, and disappeared after five minutes.

Eye-witnesses reported the UFO lights hovering over the Strip, while others claimed they were farther north and west, even citing Area 51. The lights were seen around 9 p.m. and disappeared in an instant.

A woman reported in an email that her husband, who has been studying hovering lights since 2004, saw lights in Las Vegas that looked very similar to the ones he saw in Phoenix.

Reader recalls seeing similar glowing lights on Interstate 40 near Needles, California, that disappeared when he looked back after a minute.

A local veteran claimed to have seen the same lights appearing southwest and assumed it was the military.

No explanation has yet been confirmed for the mysterious glowing UFOs seen in Las Vegas, while the Pentagon confirmed fighter jets were scrambled to intercept a UFO over Hawaii.