The 09  Oldest Animal Species Still Living on Earth


Sponges: 600 Million Years Old

Sponges are simple animals that filter food from the water. They are not sustainable to use as cleaning sponges, so today's cleaning sponges are made of synthetic materials.


Brachiopod: 530 Million Years Old

They first appeared around 530 million years ago and were very successful for a long time. However, their population declined sharply after the Great Permian Extinction 250 million years ago


Comb Jelly Species: Living 500 Million Years

Comb jellies are 500 million-year-old predators that can survive cold winters by cannibalizing their own young.


The Oldest Jellyfish: 500 Million Years Old

Jellyfish have been around for 500 million years and their resilience is what has helped them survive. They do not require as much oxygen as other marine life.


Nautilus: Animal  480 Million Years

The shell of a nautilus is a natural example of a logarithmic spiral. This type of spiral is found in many other natural objects, such as the shape of galaxies and the horns of rams.


The Oldest Horseshoe Crab: 480 Million Years 

Horseshoe crabs are ancient creatures that have survived for over 400 million years. They are most common in Delaware Bay, where they swarm the beaches during summer mating seasons.


The Oldest Velvet Worm: 400 Million Years Ago

Velvet worms are ancient, mobile predators that eat insects. They are found in rainforests around the world and can be kept as pets. In captivity, they can be fed crickets.


Oldest Vertebrate Animal Species:  400 Million Years

Lungfish are the oldest vertebrates on Earth, over 400 million years old. They have lungs that allow them to breathe air, which helps them survive in dry conditions.


Coelacanth: Living 400 Million Years Ago

Coelacanths are fish that evolved 400 million years ago. They have no spines, but instead have notochords that support their bodies.