The 10 Best Root Beer Brands of All Time


Sprecher, a Wisconsin-based craft root beer brand established in 1985, offers a fire-brewed, honey-sweetened option, but some find its flavor too sugary and lacking in complexity.


Mug root beer, a classic and versatile choice owned by PepsiCo, originated in San Francisco in 1940 and continues to be widely enjoyed in various formats, including diet options.


Barq's root beer, created by Edward Charles Edmond Barq Sr. in Biloxi, Mississippi, offers a distinct flavor with caffeine, remains popular post-Coca Cola acquisition, but contains high-fructose corn syrup.

wild bill's

Wild Bill's root beer, veteran-owned and vegan-friendly, features a subtle flavor profile, gluten-free recipe, and a variety of unique soft drink options like juniper root beer, licorice sarsaparilla, and spiced ginger ale.


Hank's Gourmet root beer: Decent flavor, but falls short for discerning enthusiasts seeking unique and challenging elements.


OLIPOP's root beer, crafted with a focus on gut health and nutrition, offers a healthier alternative to traditional sodas, with reduced sugar, prebiotics, and fiber, while still maintaining the joy and nostalgia of drinking soda.


Dad's root beer: Spicy, dry, and reminiscent of Dr. Pepper, perfect for a root beer float with vanilla ice cream.


A&W, dating back to 1919, is renowned for its root beer and fast food chain, serving delightful root beer floats like the Campfire Float with chocolate chips, toasted marshmallow, and graham cracker crumbs, offering a tasty and enjoyable indulgence.


Saranac root beer, founded in 1888 by German immigrants, delivers a well-balanced, creamy, and carbonated experience with hints of cinnamon and unexpected notes of banana, making it a top contender for root beer enthusiasts.

Henry Weinhard's

a historic legacy since the 1850s, delivering a satisfying mouthfeel, bold flavors of brown sugar and herbs, a punchy bite, and a delightful hint of licorice and cherry in the finish, beloved by root beer enthusiasts.