The 10 Most Disgusting Foods in the World

Casu Marzu

A traditional Sardinian cheese infested with live maggots.


A fertilized duck egg with a partially developed embryo, commonly eaten in Southeast Asia.


Fermented Baltic sea herring known for its pungent smell.


Fermented shark meat from Iceland with an ammonia-like odor.

Century Egg (Pidan)

Preserved duck, chicken, or quail eggs with a gelatinous texture and strong aroma.


Edible ant larvae harvested from the roots of agave plants in Mexico.


A tropical fruit known for its strong smell, often described as a mix of onions and rotten fruit.

Stinky Tofu

Fermented tofu with a strong odor, commonly found in East Asian cuisine.


Live octopus served in Korea, still squirming on the plate.

Fried Tarantulas

Deep-fried spiders, considered a delicacy in Cambodia.

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