The 11 worst pop hits from the last 2 decade

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Ricky Martin's career was defined by the blockbuster single "Livin' la Vida Loca," while "She Bangs" has aged poorly with its derogatory lyrics, overshadowing his other hits.

Ricky Martin — "She Bangs" (2000)

Madonna's "Beautiful Stranger" is considered one of her greatest singles, while her synthpop remake of "American Pie" for "The Next Best Thing" soundtrack was widely criticized as one of her worst covers, lacking authenticity and feeling gimmicky.

Madonna — "American Pie" (2000)

Limp Bizkit's cover of The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" is misguided and forgettable, with a bland vocal performance and an inexplicable Speak & Spell bridge that adds nothing to the song except obnoxious branding.

Limp Bizkit — "Behind Blue Eyes" (2003)

Eminem's lead single "Just Lose It" from his album "Encore" is a head-scratching, unfunny mishmash of terrible ideas, including Peewee Herman voices, fart jokes, and offensive content, marking the point where he lost the plot.

22Eminem — "Just Lose It" (2004)

Gwen Stefani's single "Wind It Up" from her second album is a noisy and unremarkable track that incorporates elements from "The Sound of Music" but lacks substance, relying on branding and yodeling, ultimately feeling like a bling-filled pawnshop item.

Gwen Stefani — "Wind It Up" (2006)

Cher Lloyd's debut single "Swagger Jagger" was a universally disliked, bloated synth-dance track with little innovation or fun, ultimately tarnishing her brand and leading to a lack of success in subsequent years.

Cher Lloyd — "Swagger Jagger" (2011)

Hot Chelle Rae's "Tonight, Tonight" is an earworm with a catchy refrain, but its repetitive and shallow song structure, coupled with questionable lyrics, makes it one of the most annoying songs ever penned in recent pop music history.

Hot Chelle Rae — "Tonight, Tonight" (2011)

Katy Perry's attempt at a name-taking anthem with "Swish Swish" turned out to be an epic fail, featuring tired club beats, confusing metaphors, and a lifeless desperation that didn't help her struggling career.

Katy Perry featuring Nicki Minaj — "Swish Swish" (2017)

Lukas Graham's "7 Years" is an overly melodramatic piano ballad that, despite its chart success, falls flat with its saccharine lyrics and uninteresting musical structure, making it feel like a remnant of a sentimental era in music.

Lukas Graham — "7 Years" (2015)

Taylor Swift's self-awareness is evident in her albums, but the harsh electro tones of "Reputation" and the cloying cheerfulness of the lead single "Me!" from "Lover" prompted a course correction for the pop star.

Taylor Swift featuring Brendon Urie — "Me!" (2019)

Maroon 5's transition to generic radio pop is evident in their oversaturated discography and disappointing 2021 album "Jordi," featuring the underwhelming hit single "Memories" with confusing lyrics and a cringe-worthy "doo doo doo" chorus.

Maroon 5 — "Memories" (2019)

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