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The 7 Most Spectacular Sea Caves in the U.S.


Painted Cave (Channel Islands National Park, California): One of the world's largest sea caves, measuring 1,227 feet long, known for its vibrant colors and accessible by water.

Sea Lion Caves (Florence, Oregon): The largest sea cave in the United States, home to a colony of wild sea lions and a natural wonder for visitors.

Devil's Punchbowl (Oahu, Hawaii): A captivating sea cave formed by powerful waves, featuring an open ceiling that allows sunlight to illuminate the turquoise waters inside.

Secret Sea Cave (La Jolla, California): A hidden gem nestled along the coastline, offering visitors a chance to explore a picturesque sea cave with stunning rock formations.

Thunder Hole (Acadia National Park, Maine): An impressive sea cave where waves crash against the rocks, creating thunderous sounds and spouting water high into the air.

Smuggler's Cave (Cape Perpetua, Oregon): A mysterious sea cave accessible during low tide, known for its intriguing history of smuggling activities.

Cathedral Cave (Anacapa Island, California): A breathtaking sea cave featuring a natural rock arch and an enchanting atmosphere, accessible by boat or kayak.

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