The 8 best blonde  shades for fair skin

Platinum Blonde: A light, icy blonde shade that creates a striking contrast against fair skin, giving a bold and modern look.

Honey Blonde: Warm and golden, honey blonde complements fair skin with a natural, sun-kissed effect.

Ash Blonde: Cool and slightly muted, ash blonde can balance the pink undertones in fair skin for a sophisticated look.

Beige Blonde: A blend of cool and warm tones, beige blonde adds depth and dimension to fair skin, offering a versatile option.

Strawberry Blonde: A mix of blonde and red, strawberry blonde adds a unique and warm touch to fair skin tones.

Champagne Blonde: A soft, pale blonde with hints of gold, champagne blonde adds a delicate warmth to fair complexions.

Golden Blonde: A bright and sunny shade, golden blonde enhances the warmth of fair skin and provides a radiant glow.

Butter Blonde: A soft, creamy blonde with subtle warmth, butter blonde can create a gentle contrast against fair skin.

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