The 8

Best Grocery Stores in Los Angeles


Northgate Market

Northgate Market, a family-owned Mexican grocer, has 9 LA locations & 42 stores in SoCal. 


Fish King

Check out Fish King, a family-owned seafood market in Glendale. This hidden gem in a strip mall has some of the best sushi and seafood in LA.


Bristol Farms

Bristol Farms is a gourmet grocery store with 14 LA locations. The West Hollywood location is known for its Whole Foods-.


HK Market 

Large Korean grocery with fresh seafood, banchan, snacks, cake shop, fried chicken stand, and Korean eatery.


Wine + Eggs

Wine + Eggs is a locally focused bodega with a selection of wine, craft beer, gourmet snacks, sauces, and fresh produce.


Rock 'n Roll Ralphs

Kroger-owned Ralphs operates 28 stores in L.A. and is a convenient option for drinks, cakes, and more. The "Rock 'n Roll Ralphs" is famous.


Besties Vegan Paradise

Besties Vegan Paradise is a small vegan market on the east side, offering cruelty-free snacks, frozen meals, and vegan deli options.



Erewhon is an upscale LA-based supermarket that caters to niche, trendy diets, offering valet parking and convenience for A-list clientele.

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