The 9 Best Foods and Drinks to Have Before Bed

Warm Milk: Milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes relaxation and may help with sleep.

Herbal Tea: Chamomile, valerian root, or other herbal teas are caffeine-free and can have calming effects to aid sleep.

Whole Grains: A small serving of whole-grain cereal or toast can help increase serotonin levels, promoting relaxation.

Bananas: Rich in potassium and magnesium, bananas can help relax muscles and promote a restful sleep.

Almonds: A handful of almonds provides magnesium and protein, which can help with muscle relaxation and blood sugar regulation.

Tart Cherry Juice: Contains melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles.

Greek Yogurt: High in protein, which can help stabilize blood sugar levels and promote sleep.

Kiwi: Contains antioxidants and serotonin, which can aid in falling asleep faster and improving sleep quality.

Dark Chocolate: A small piece of dark chocolate can provide antioxidants and a small amount of caffeine, which may improve sleep quality.

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