The Largest City Squares In The United States

Copley Square is a bustling public square in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. 

Copley Square - Boston, Massachusetts

Located in the city's Northwest neighborhood, Logan Square is home to iconic sites like the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Franklin Institute. 

Logan Square - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Union Square is a vibrant public space in Manhattan, known for its central location, diverse cultural activities, and historical importance.

Union Square - New York City, New York

Situated near the White House, Farragut Square is a prominent public space in the heart of the nation's capital.

Farragut Square - Washington, D.C.

Jackson Square is a historic French Quarter square in New Orleans.

Jackson Square - New Orleans, Louisiana

Located in the Loop neighborhood, Daley Plaza is known for its striking Picasso sculpture, the iconic Chicago Picasso.

Daley Plaza - Chicago, Illinois

Liberty Square is a historic district in Charleston, known for its cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and proximity to attractions like the Charleston Harbor and the South Carolina Aquarium.

Liberty Square - Charleston, South Carolina

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